Partnership opportunity for dermatology and cosmetic medicine principals.

Aura Medical Group partners with the nation’s premier dermatology and cosmetic medicine clinics, so they can focus on what they do best – creating exceptional results for their patients.

Who we are

Aura Medical Group understands the dermatology and cosmetic medicine industry, and we know business.

Unlike other health corporates, we have specialist knowledge, understanding and experience in the dermatology and cosmetic medicine industry. Aura Medical Group supports clinics to do what they do best – deliver outstanding results for their patients.

We achieve this through our unique ‘business ecosystem of excellence’, specifically created for dermatology and cosmetic medicine clinics. We collectively share innovation, industry knowledge and experience to benefit all clinics within the Aura Medical Group.

By reducing workloads and risk for our clinic partners, they can focus on providing infallible clinical care and outcomes. They do this through high quality medical grade skin treatments extending to dermatology, skin cancer and non-invasive services.

Aura Medical Group offers clinic partners an effective succession plan and devises strategies and processes to drive business growth.

We support you to focus on clinical results, while we concentrate on your business performance. Combining these two skillsets leads to a better experience for you, your patients and your team.

"The only company that has been able to demonstrate to us sufficient understanding of our unique selling proposition is Aura Medical Group. The processes and support provided have been measured, respectful, consultative and effective in ways we could not have done ourselves. This company demonstrates focus and intent, but most of all the personnel are highly talented and possess an impressive history of providing wealth to previous partners."
Dr Michael Molton
Epiclinic, Clinic Principal
MBBS, FCPCA (Dip Cosmetic & Dermatological Laser)

Why partner with us?

We support you to focus on clinical results, while we concentrate on your business performance.


Immediate return on investment

Building your clinic to the level it is today has taken an incredible amount of work. Aura Medical Group offers a solution to realise the value of your clinic now, while continuing to work in your practice.

We pay competitive market value for cosmetic medicine clinics based on a multiple of your earnings.

Our deal structures for clinic acquisition are flexible and include various attractive upside options.


Focus on clinical activities, not clinical administration

Aura Medical Group does more than remove the administrative burden of operating a cosmetic medical clinic. Unlike many other health corporates, our executive team specialises in both cosmetic medicine and business.

We not only manage your accounting, human resources and administration responsibilities, we take the time to understand your business, review clinic performance and identify key improvements so it continues to prosper.

We appreciate the importance of clinical autonomy.

We respect and support clinicians in their clinical roles and do not seek to interfere in their clinical activities.


We foster best practice

As leaders in cosmetic medicine, we ensure our teams are kept up to date with best practice in the field. Training and development for all clinicians and staff is central to our philosophy, benefitting both patients and our model.

Being part of our ‘ecosystem of excellence’ creates shared resources, skillsets and crossreferral principals and their teams.


Achieve economies of scale

While we offer our clinic partners the flexibility of using their own suppliers, we encourage them to take advantage of our panel of preferred suppliers. This creates time savings, simplicity and cost savings.



With our extensive industry and commercial experience, our marketing capabilities will foster meaningful business recognition. We have in depth knowledge of cosmetic medicine, your client community, competitive landscape, service offering and pricing.

We have the resources and technology to provide tailored marketing strategies for your clinic.


Specialist executive team

Our executive team has a wealth of experience and highly refined skills in both cosmetic medicine and commercial business. Clinic principals can readily tap into this pool of talent to seek guidance and assistance.